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Technical article

Emergency Shut Down device for 90° turn process valves

This article looks at a newly devloped ESD with regard to process valves, such as ball valves, in the oil and gas sector. Authored by Gunter Oxler. more
Safety Relief Valves
Technical article

Aerodynamic noise attenuation in rotary control valves

High noise levels not only constitute a health risk to personnel but can also cause damage to equipment. In many countries, strict noise abatement laws require the reduction of noise levels to accepta more
Shutdown + ESD
Technical article

How to operate valves absolutely fail-safe without a power supply or control system

Water guided pipelines for long distances for example in turbine feeding lines, water transmission lines from dams to water treatment plants and/or outlets of water reservoirs, require an absolute fai more
Safety Relief Valves
Technical article

Back-Pressure effects on safety valves operating with compressible flow.

Superimposed or built-up back pressure strongly affects the operational characteristics and flow capacity of safety valves. more
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