Stainless Steel World

If you need information on corrosion resistant alloys, then Stainless Steel World is the right place to be!

Every day, our editors search the world, liaising with suppliers and talking to key end users, with the aim of publishing the latest technical, commercial and market news about the development, specification, selection and use of stainless steels. This news is disseminated through our unique four channel concept: online, print, live and research.


Through the website and other e-content products, Stainless Steel World services end users and suppliers in key markets (power, oil, gas, chemicals, water, etc) that all rely on the successful application of CRAs. The websites are known for their fast news delivery, extensive libraries of technical information and also their in-depth interviews. Video interviews have also been introduced and reach a wide audience.


The Stainless Steel World team produce various printed media publications throughout the year. A cornerstone is without doubt Stainless Steel World Magazine (10 issues per year). Each magazine contains the latest news and inside information from the stainless steel industry, presents technical papers from leading specialists, discusses case histories and shows the strengths of a leading supplier via the cover story.

The Stainless Steel World Annual Procurement Report includes an extended Buyers Guide, extensive company profiles, articles on the latest procurement trends, etc.

Various Catalogues and Focus On publications complete the line-up. These are specially geared to specific industries (such as nuclear power) or leading trade shows (for example, Wire & Tube, Achema, etc).
Selected publications are also available in German, Dutch and Chinese


Currently organised in Europe, North America and Asia, the live events deliver a global platform where materials professionals can meet and exchange ideas and information.

The conferences and seminars enjoy strong end user input with a clear focus on the application of CRAs. Hearing case studies and discussing experiences with colleagues provides you with important information and contacts simply unavailable elsewhere.

The exhibitions, which run in parallel with the conferences in most cases, will keep you updated on the availability of corrosion-resistant materials and the latest developments. In short, an ideal platform to meet (potential) suppliers.


Stainless Steel World has a department specialised in research and intelligence to help meet the markets' increasing need for the resolution of complex technological and informational problems. Our data warehouse contains specialised databases focused on the CRA community.

For more information about this brand, please visit the Stainless Steel World website or contact us at +49 2821 / 711 45 0.