A mineral for all seasons

Is the outlook for nickel bullish or bearish? Which applications are likely drive future growth? KCI's James Chater and Micheal van Wijngaarden consider the future. Read more...

Alloy selection for caustic soda service

Caustic soda and chlorine are co-produced by the electrolysis of a sodium chloride solution. This paper reviews criteria for materials selection, materials of construction, and provides a reference li Read more...

Alloy selection in wet-process phosphoric acid plants

The performance of alloys depends to a large extent on an understanding and control of the impurities contained in the phosphate rock. The role of the intermediate Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-Cu alloys in these syste Read more...

Alloys to resist chlorine, hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid.

The author first discusses the types of corrosion that can occur when handling chlorine, hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid, before looking at the suitability of various materials for these three Read more...

Cast stainless steels and nickel base alloys

Extensive information on the casting process, designations and the castings themselves. Read more...

Copper-nickel alloys, properties and applications

The purpose of this publication is to discuss typical applications for copper-nickel alloys and the reason for their selection. The two main alloys contain either 10 or 30% nickel , with iron and mang Read more...

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