New type steam generators for Kursk NPP-2

20 May 2021

The Volgodonsk branch of Russia’s AEM-Technologies (part of Rosatom’s Mechanical engineering division Atomenergomash) had shipped a set of steam generators (SGs) for unit 1 of Kursk-II NPP. The SGs, weighing 355 tons each, will travel 1500 km down the Don river to Voronezh. Then they will be loaded onto a railway conveyor and delivered by rail to the NPP site. Modifications of the equipment for the VVER-TOI reactor at Kursk requires a new design, in which there is no steam collector in the upper part of the SG. Steam comes out of one pipe, which is directly connected to the steam line. The length of the steam generator is increased by one metre to 15 metres, the diameter is more than 4 metres. In the middle part there are collectors for supplying and removing the coolant, where the ends of 11,000 heat exchange tubes - coils are fixed. The diameter of the pipes is 16 mm, their length is 11-17 metres.

The steam generator PGV-1000MKO for the VVER-TOI project has an increased steam capacity and thermal power - 1652 t/h, compared with 1602 t/h for the PGV-1000MKP used with VVER-1200 reactors. The rated thermal power of the PGV-1000MKO steam generator is 828MW, and for the PGV-1000MKP, 803MW. The VVER-TOI project also has a new layout of equipment. The steam generators are arranged in two rows, two steam generators in a row. In previous projects, steam generators were located tangentially around the reactor.

Kursk-II is a replacement station for the current Kursk nuclear plant. Commissioning of the first two units with the new design VVER-TOI reactors will be synchronised with the decommissioning of the RBMK reactors at Kursk 1&2 of the operating plant.

Foto: Atomenergomash