Triga reactors: Revonation completed

22 April 2021

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) said that Triga International had recently completed a major renovation project at its fuel fabrication facility in Romans, France. Triga International is a joint venture between General Atomics (GA) and CERCA, Framatome's subsidiary for the fabrication of fuel elements for research reactors.

The upgrades ensure the continued operation of 36 Triga reactors around the world, including 18 in the USA. Triga stands for Training, Research, Isotopes General Atomics. The reactors are primarily used for training students, various research projects and isotope production. DOE provided both technical and financial support for the project. Triga International is the only supplier of Triga fuel in the world. The company’s French facility required significant upgrades in order to keep up with current safety regulations. The facility was taken offline in 2014 to begin a seven-year, $80 million renovation project.

“Without these upgrades to the Triga International facility, the Triga reactors at these universities would be forced to shut down without a dependable supply of fuel,” said Doug Morrell, the manager for the Research Reactor Infrastructure programme. “Thanks to the support of DOE, our universities can continue conducting research and training our future nuclear energy workforce.”