Framatome projects receive funding from government

22 April 2021

Framatome stated that some of its projects had been selected to receive funding as part of the France Relance recovery plan. France adopted the plan in September 2020 as a “roadmap for the economic, social and ecological overhaul of the country”. It is the result of a broad national consultation set up to draw lessons from the crisis. The resources allocated to the stimulus package by the French Government and Europe total €100 billion ($119.8bn) for 2020-2022 including €30bn for environment or sustainable growth, €34bn for business competitiveness and €36bn for social cohesion.

The Framatome projects selected focus on investing in new activities and modernising the nuclear energy industry. Funding from the France Relance plan will support projects at the company’s nuclear fuel and component manufacturing facilities across France.
With support from EDF, the ICAREx, the project focuses on building virtual reality digital twins of new nuclear reactors. Framatome said that, each year, it invests more than €200 million in its facilities and recruits about 1,000 new employees.

Photo: Mbzt