Rooppur 2: Journey to Bangladesh

22 April 2021

Rooppur 2: Journey to BangladeshThe reactor pressure vessel and first two steam generators for Rooppur unit 2 have started their journey from the Volgodonsk branch of AEM-Technology JSC in Russia to the construction site in Bangladesh.

The pressure vessel took two years to manufacture in a process that included 768 operations, AEM-Technology said, and has undergone quality control operations and testing, including hydraulic tests at 1.4 times higher than its working pressure. The vessel, which weighs 320 tonnes and is 12 metres long, together with two 340-tonne steam generators, each 14 metres in length, will be transported by barge to the port of Novorossiysk, from where they will be shipped to Bangladesh, a sea voyage of about 14,000 km.

Photo: Rosatom