UK nuclear industry agrees hydrogen roadmap

25 February 2021

The UK Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) that a Hydrogen Roadmap had been agreed by the Nuclear Industry Council (NIC). The NIC is co-chaired by the minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth and the NIA chairman. It sets strategic priorities for government-industry collaboration to promote nuclear power in the UK.

The 12-page roadmap follows on from Forty by '50: The Nuclear Roadmap, which set outs the ambition for the industry to produce 40% of the UK’s clean power by 2050. The new roadmap says that nuclear, along with renewables, could play a key role in a green hydrogen future, and that nuclear power could produce a third of the UK’s clean hydrogen needs by 2050.

Tom Greatrex, NIA chief executive, said: "Nuclear power should be right at the heart of green hydrogen production, alongside renewable technology. Nuclear reactors offer the innovative solutions we need to decarbonise sectors beyond electricity as part of a robust net-zero mix, starting today and going into the future. We are pleased the government has recognised that potential, and look forward to working with them and other partners to create a strong framework for green hydrogen production."

Photo: NIA