CNNC and CGN pledge greater cooperation

25 February 2021

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNCC) and China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) signed contracts for the conversion and enrichment of natural uranium (the Natural Uranium Conversion and Enrichment Processing Service Contract) and for fuel supply (the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Plant Refuelling Fuel Assembly Supply Contract). CNNC said the signing of the contracts will "further strengthen the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in medium and long-term nuclear fuel supply, and effectively promote exchanges and cooperation between the two parties in related fields". CNNC added that the development had "far-reaching significance for promoting the sustained and stable development of China's nuclear fuel industry and consolidating the independent nuclear industry chain".

The two former rival companies have been encouraged by the government to work together and are now jointly developing the Hualong (also known as HPR1000), which is a 1100MWe Generation III pressurised water reactor based on CGN's ACPR-1000 and CNNC’s ACP-1000 designs.

Photo: CGN