Rolls-Royce signs MOUs on SMRs with Exelon and CEZ

19 November 2020

Rolls-Royce has signed MOUs with Exelon and CEZ on SMRsUK-based Rolls-Royce has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with US utility Exelon Generation to pursue the potential for Exelon to operate compact nuclear power stations both in the UK and internationally. Exelon Generation will be using their operational experience to assist Rolls Royce in the development and deployment of the UKSMR.

Rolls-Royce is leading a consortium that is designing a low-cost factory built small modular reactor (SMR). Its standardised, factory-made components and advanced manufacturing processes push costs down, while the rapid assembly of the modules and components inside a weatherproof canopy on the power station site will avoid costly schedule disruptions.

The consortium is working with its partners and UK Government to secure a commitment for a fleet of factory built nuclear plants, each with a capacity of 440MWe, to be operational within a decade. Rolls Royce said a fleet deployment in the UK “will lead to the creation of new factories that will make the components and modules, which will help the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and pave the way for significant export opportunities as well”.

 “Nuclear power is central to tackling climate change and economic recovery, but it must be affordable, reliable and investable and the way we manufacture and assemble our power station brings its cost down to be comparable with offshore wind,” said Tom Samson, interim CEO of the UKSMR consortium. “It’s a compelling proposition that could draw new players into the UK’s power generation landscape, improving choice for consumers and providing uninterrupted low carbon energy to homes and businesses.”

Photo: Rolls-Royce