China’s Hualong One passes EUR compliance assessment

19 November 2020

China's third-generation nuclear power technology, Hualong One (HPR 1000), with independent intellectual property rights successfully passed the European Utility Requirements (EUR) compliance assessment and obtained the EUR certification, China General Nuclear (CGN) announced.
The certification results show that Hualong One has a high degree of compliance with the latest version of EUR (E version), and its design meets the latest European nuclear power requirements.
The EUR organisation comprises 14 large European power companies from France, the Czech Republic, Finland, the UK, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Turkey and other countries.

The EUR document covers more than 5000 requirements to ensure the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants, including safety, performance, systems and equipment, layout, instrumentation and control, operation and maintenance, environmental protection, and decommissioning.

Photo: Ji Xing, Daiyong Song, Yuxiang Wu