Japan’s Sendai 1&2 to restart earlier than expected

07 October 2020

Kyushu Electric Power Company said that it will restart units 1&2 at its Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture about one month earlier than planned. It said progress in building additional mandatory safety systems had proceeded more quickly than expected.

Kyushu suspended operation of the reactors in March and May, respectively, after failing to meet the deadline for constructing the required facilities. According to new government regulations, drawn up in the wake of the Fukushima accident, nuclear plants must put in place facilities to ensure the safety of reactors in the event of emergencies such as acts of terrorism and aircraft crashes.
Kyushu Electric said it will resume operation of Sendai 1 in late November and Sendai 2 in late December. Both reactors are 890MWe pressurised water reactors.

Kyushu said the earlier restart became possible after it streamlined construction work. Kyushu emphasised that it will carefully carry out inspections and other work while prioritising safety. The earlier restart will ease the region's dependence on coal and gas.

Photo: KEI| CC BY-SA 3.0