Construction licence application submitted for Paks II

09 July 2020

Hungary’s Paks II Ltd submitted a construction licence application for new nuclear units at the Paks nuclear plant to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA).
The regulatory procedure started on the 1 July. HAEA has 12 months to reach a decision, although this can be extended by additional three months if needed.
HAEA said it is prepared for the decision-making process. “In order to process the licence application efficiently, a dedicated work programme with a tight time schedule will start to review tens of thousands of pages of documentation, since multiple disciplines will be involved in this complex process." More than half of the HAEA's 180 staff members are expected to be involved in the licence review. 
"Meanwhile, HAEA will also perform its other regulatory duties, such as supervising nuclear and radioactive waste storage and disposal facilities, other users of radiation sources, and also handling other licence applications, and fulfilling its international obligations.”
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will also review the compliance of the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report with relevant safety standards.