Terrestrial Energy develop IMSR on a forum by OCNI

16 June 2020

Terrestrial Energy executives discussed plans for developing the Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) power plant and opportunities for suppliers on a webcast hosted by the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI). 

Robin Manley, Vice President, New Nuclear Development at Ontario Power Generation (OPG), discussed OPG’s plans to review and assess SMR designs for the utility’s future use.

Terrestrial Energy CEO Simon Irish provided an overview of the development of the IMSR® Generation IV advanced nuclear power plant and its steady progress to market in Canada and internationally. He described how the IMSR®’s combined use of Generation IV technology in an innovative market-focused design leads to a 195-megawatt power plant that is affordable, cost-competitive, and a clean and resilient alternative to fossil fuels.

Terrestrial Energy is on track to commission with first utility customers the first commercial IMSR® power plants in the late 2020s, and the company expects to complete that process in 2021.

Terrestrial Energy’s Bill Smith, Senior Vice President, Operations and Engineering, and Iftikhar Haque, Head of Supply Chain, discussed the company’s procurement strategy, IMSR® supply chain development, and opportunities for Canadian companies to participate.