Darlington team helps Canada meet a major milestone

15 June 2020

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) congratulates the entire Ontario Power Generation Darlington refurbishment team on making strides to help Canada meet its carbon-pollution target of net-zero by 2050. Recently, the team announced the completion of Unit 2, a key milestone in Canada's clean energy projects. The overall four-unit project remains on budget and schedule as planned. 

This is the first of four units at Darlington to be refurbished in the coming years. The Darlington team worked safely for over 24 million hours and finished Unit 2 ahead of its committed completion date of June 25.

The Darlington refurbishment will lead to the continued operation of Darlington to 2055, enable Ontarians to access clean, reliable nuclear power for another three decades and will take the equivalent of two million cars off Ontario’s roads per year.

It will bring a total of USD 89.9bn in economic benefits to Ontarians, create 14,200 jobs per year, and boost personal income by an average of USD 1.6bn on an annual basis.

The dedication and expertise of thousands of workers and hundreds of suppliers across the Canadian nuclear industry helped OPG achieve this milestone.