Holtec designs HI-TRAN 300 heavy load hauler

12 June 2020

Holtec International announced that the first HI-TRAN 300, a vertical heavy load hauler designed by Holtec’s Nuclear Power Division (NPD) to serve as the single-failure-proof workhorse for hauling loaded Holtec dry spent fuel storage system components and for executing inter-cask canister transfer, has been successfully manufactured and factory tested by the Company’s Advanced Manufacturing Division in Camden, New Jersey. HI-TRAN 300 is also envisioned to transport heavy loads at Holtec’s SMR-160 plant currently undergoing regulatory review in Canada and the HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility being developed by Holtec in New Mexico. 

HI-TRAN’s development was undertaken to solve the transporter reliability problems procured from third parties that occasionally have plagued some dry store campaigns in the industry. HI-TRAN is built as a safety-significant machine and has certain unique reliability features that differentiate it from other machines sold in the industry. For example, it has four hydraulic lifters with a total rated lift capacity of 300 tons.