Energy sector across EU plays a role in economic crisis

11 June 2020

The EU and the world are confronted by an unprecedented health and economic crisis and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is rightly the immediate priority for everyone. The energy sector across the EU continues to play an important role in that effort. 

26% of the electricity produced in the EU comes from nuclear energy and it remains the largest source of low carbon electricity. However, 50% of the EU’s electricity mix is still based on historic CO2 emitting fossil fuel technologies and these must be replaced by new low carbon sources as the EU transitions to a carbon neutral economy by 2050.

The investment challenge is huge and the European Commission’s strategic vision (“A Clean Planet for All”) explicitly recognizes that nuclear, together with renewables, will form the backbone of the EU’s carbon-free power sector in 2050.

The European nuclear industry is ready and able to play its part, supporting national and EU clean, green economic revival by continuing to provide growth, jobs and wealth creation at EU, national and regional level; research and innovation; export growth potential; and progress towards a net zero economy, whilst maintaining full compliance with strict environmental regulations.