Spain NPPs reach operation factors above 90%

03 June 2020

Load, operation, and availability factors above 90%, leadership in electric production and avoiding emissions are some of the outstanding features of the operation of nuclear power plants in 2019. The report "Nuclear results in 2019 and future perspectives" reflects the dedication of companies in the nuclear sector, striving for operative excellence, and that of highly committed and trained professionals.

In 2019, the seven operating nuclear reactors (Ascó I and II, Almaraz I and II, Cofrentes, Trillo, and Vandellós II) generated 55,824 GWh, 21.41% of the total net electric production. Additionally, nuclear power plants reached operation and availability factors above 90%.

The Spanish nuclear fleet for electric generation is an essential part of the objectives established in the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030 regarding the stability of the electric system, maintaining a firm energy supply with highly competitive variable costs, without taking into account taxes, tributes and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The report highlights the important activity of the professionals and companies that compose the Spanish nuclear industry, both in international and international projects.