IFE reveal misconduct in projects at the Halden Reactor

29 May 2020

IFE has carried out an external investigation which concludes that misconduct has taken place at some customer projects at the Halden Reactor.

IFE takes the matter very seriously and has submitted the investigation report to the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (ØKOKRIM).

The Halden Reactor was used for testing of fuels and materials for use in nuclear reactors. In conjunction with the re-organization of activities in 2019, employees came forward with information about possible misconduct in some projects carried out in the past.

IFE launched an investigation that has uncovered misconduct in projects at the Halden Reactor. In these projects, data or test configuration was changed in breach of IFE test procedures and customer specifications. Any deviation from specifications in these types of tests is serious. The investigation concludes that this was concealed in a way that made it very difficult to uncover.

The investigation concludes that the matters would be regarded as research misconduct under the Norwegian Research Ethics Act of 2017. The act was not implemented, but IFE will nevertheless report the matter to the Norwegian National Committee for investigating research misconduct.