IAEA launches webinars for nuclear facility personnel

28 May 2020

The IAEA is launching a series of interactive webinars to strengthen the development and implementation of effective training and qualification programmes for nuclear facility personnel.

The first webinar, on 9 June 2020, will provide an overview of this training of trainers’ series, with a brief review of its building blocks.

The second webinar, on 8 September 2020, will address how to build an effective training environment and highlight management support, a good learning environment, the interface between training and the line organization and the qualities needed to be an effective instructor.

The third webinar, on 10 November 2020 will address the question whether training can improve performance. It will highlight how training or other activities can be used to bring out the best in staff, and how training needs to be aligned with other aspects of a facility’s management system.

The remaining four webinars will take place during 2021 and address topics such as implementing innovations in training, assessing the effectiveness of completed training, training the next generation of nuclear facility staff, and finding practical solutions to common challenges through a systematic approach to training (SAT).