CADEX-CBRN designated as IAEA Collaborating Centre

20 May 2020

Participants analyzed capabilities for response to criminal or malicious use of radioactive material at the joint training activity, since Spain’s Guardia Civil Explosives Deactivation – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CADEX-CBRN) Training Centre was designated an IAEA Collaborating Centre. 

This International Workshop for Developing a National Framework for Managing the Response to Nuclear Security Events brought together representatives from law enforcement agencies, military, regulatory bodies, and technical support organizations. The diversity of the organizations that need to coordinate a State’s effective response to a criminal or unauthorized act involving nuclear or other radioactive material, known as a nuclear security event.

The workshop was based on the international good practices, as identified in the IAEA’s Nuclear Security Series (No. 37-G), and focused on a practical adaptation of the concepts into a national context.

The critical self-assessment introduced in the workshop helps identification of already existing capabilities that could be tapped into, or of the need to invest resources to build additional capacity, including with the help of other countries and the IAEA.