IRE supplies a batch of LEU-based Mo-99 for US market

20 May 2020

The Institute for radioelements (IRE) announced that the company produced its first commercial Mo-99 Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) batch for the US market. 

This conversion to LEU represents a key milestone for IRE in the global commitment to end the civil use of High Enriched Uranium (HEU) for the production of Mo-99 medical isotopes. This demonstrates its unique capacity to carry out advanced R&D activities while maintaining during the last two years its highest production output to serve the global market during temporary or unplanned outages of some alternative suppliers of medical radioisotopes. Conversion to LEU will positively impact Safety and Security on site, since this new LEU production flow takes place in refurbished installations that bring many advantages in terms of nuclear safety and nuclear security for the teams.

IRE will conduct this conversion in progressive steps, in the coming months with a dedicated part of the produced volumes of Mo-99 to supply the US market, and will later increase its volume to allow the supply of LEU-based Mo-99 to all regions, until the full conversion is achieved, at the latest by 2022.