CSN approves license renewals for Almaraz 1 and 2 NPPs

18 May 2020

Spain's nuclear regulator has said operating licenses can be renewed for the two nuclear reactor units at the Almaraz nuclear power station situated in the region of Cáceres, Spain. 

The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) said in a statement that it had approved a technical opinion regarding the renewal. It said it has authorized Almaraz 1 to operate until 1 November 2027 and Almaraz 2 until 31 October 2028.

CSN said its decision was based upon technical reports and the requirements of laws governing the operation of nuclear facilities.

In February 2018, the Spanish government published a draft energy and climate plan for 2021-2030. The plan estimates the contribution of different technologies to the Spanish electric system every five years until 2030 and specifies that, at least until 2025, installed nuclear power will remain the same at around 7,400 MW. It will be reduced to 3,181 MW from 2030 onwards.