Sheffield team lead projects to modernize nuclear power

15 May 2020

Nuclear power is considered to be the key resource in the future of clean energy generation in the UK. To ensure that the next generation of nuclear power plants can run safely, engineers at the University of Sheffield are leading several national and international projects to build software and computational modelling methods to modernize and meet the demands of the advanced nuclear reactor systems. 

Working with a huge range of academic, industrial and international partners, the findings of these projects will upgrade the knowledge and software available for the design of new-generation nuclear reactors, as well as building a community of experts in this important part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The project aims to build a consortium of experts in this very important part of nuclear energy to promote collaborations between research groups and industry through exchanges of visitors, technical meetings, training courses, and workshops.

The new software tools will be robust and high-fidelity, and will provide new-generation computational thermal-hydraulics analysis, which nuclear reactor systems fundamentally rely on, to ensure safety and improve performance in the next-generation systems.