Arkansas Nuclear One Unit 2 NPP returns to service

06 May 2020

Entergy’s Arkansas Nuclear One Unit 2 nuclear power plant returned to service following a successful scheduled refueling and maintenance outage. While Unit 2 was in its scheduled outage, Unit 1 continued operating reliably, sending clean, carbon-free electricity to the grid. 

Entergy continues to make significant investments in ANO and its team to position the facility for additional years of safe, secure, and reliable operations. Unit 2’s 27th refueling outage continues that positive trend, with more than USD 60M in upgrades and improvements that will benefit customers, employees, communities, and owners.

ANO’s Unit 2 alone produces nearly 990 megawatts of electricity.

An estimated 1,200 skilled specialty workers supplemented approximately 1,100 Entergy employees during Unit 2's outage to complete the refueling and other maintenance projects, which included a low-pressure feedwater heater change-out, the final phase of a cooling tower fill replacement, and a reactor coolant pump bearing change-out.