ARC Canada extends its membership with COG

05 May 2020

ARC Nuclear Canada, Inc. (ARC Canada) announced that it is extending its membership with the CANDU Owners Group (COG), Vendor Participant Program. ARC Canada sees the benefit of collaborating in mutually beneficial initiatives with other Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology companies in Canada. 

COG is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing programs for the co-operation, mutual assistance and exchange of information for successful support, development, operation, maintenance and economics within the Canadian Nuclear Industry. COG operates through a collaborative approach to support the collective interests and address common challenges for all vendors, independent of technology. The recent inclusivity of SMR technology demonstrates the evolution and expansion of the COG organization to reflect the changing global market for the industry. The safe operation of nuclear generating stations, and increased economic benefits, the COG Vendor Participant Program will assist in ensuring progress for a Pan Canadian Industry.

Participating in the COG Vendor Participant Program, ARC Canada is forging ahead to not only provide clean baseload energy to compliment renewables in New Brunswick, but also continue developing its vision of providing well paying manufacturing and supply chain jobs.