Sandy Knowles receives UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

04 May 2020

University of Birmingham materials scientist Sandy Knowles has been awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship. 

Sandy’s project ‘Bcc-superalloys: Engineering Resilience to Extreme Environments’ will develop materials for advanced nuclear applications and gas turbines.

The fellowship award represents £1.2m over four years and as well as Sandy it will provide for two postdoctoral researchers, associated PhD students one of which is part-supported by CCFE, equipment, and secondments including one at CCFE.

His UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship supports the UK government’s drive for technologies to commercialize fusion energy and Generation-IV fission (SMRs, AMRs), as well as aerospace innovation.

The novel alloys being developed target higher temperature capability and irradiation tolerance, which are needed to enable improvements in performance and efficiency.