LTE and Wi-Fi tested at the Leningrad NPP

01 May 2020

LTE and Wi-Fi technologies have undergone testing at the Leningrad NPP 1st power block. The main goal was to determine if the digital transformation project can be delivered at the NPP: digital health, predictive analytics as well as video analysis project, monitoring of compliance with occupational health and production safety standards. The idea of the project is to reduce the risk of accidents. 

The unit control room and the reactor hall of the 1st power block were chosen as the testing zones as they house the most critical safety systems. Another testing area was the open switchyard (SWYD-330) site with high electromagnetic radiation that may affect LTE and Wi-Fi operation.

During the tests, a number of packages of different sizes were transmitted between ten wireless devices simultaneously. This was supposed to demonstrate how the wireless network can handle high load. As a result, the speed, the quality, and the completeness of information transmission were determined. The LTE technology was also used for an additional voice and video conference test both within the sites and between them.