UT and TVA to develop advanced nuclear reactors

20 April 2020

A partnership between the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will help prioritize the development of one or more advanced reactors at TVA’s 935-acre Clinch River Nuclear Site in Roane County. 

The partnership will allow collaboration, evaluation, and potential demonstration and operation of light-water or non-light-water fission reactors that build on the success of the current generation of reactors and will also leverage the expertise of UT’s nuclear engineering department.

Nearly 40% of TVA’s current generation portfolio is nuclear power, which provides the majority of the region’s carbon-free energy. With the increased interest in cleaner power sources, the potential of expanding safe, reliable, and economically viable nuclear energy grows.

Advanced reactor designs build on more than 50 years of operational experience with the current generation of nuclear power reactors. They offer advanced passive safety systems and increased operational flexibility while continuing to provide the only continuous source of carbon-free energy.