Eletronuclear selects Tesis+ to upgrade Angra 2 NPP

08 April 2020

Brazilian nuclear utility Eletronuclear has chosen the Tecnatom’s Tesis+ data acquisition technology for the modernization of the full-scope simulator at unit 2 of the Angra nuclear power plant. 

Tesis+ is a data acquisition interface developed by Spain’s Tecnatom.

Tesis+ is a multi-purpose data interface especially adapted for applications involving large volumes of data, such as full-scope simulators.

Tesis+ is a complete product that offers both the hardware and software and the configuration and testing utilities required for the panel instruments to interact with the simulation models and vice versa. It also offers monitored power sources for the instruments and the communications interface with the simulation models.

Tesis+ is designed to handle a large volume of data at any one time: up to some 64,000 data every 50 milliseconds.

The test tools of Tesis+ allow the simulator personnel to undertake a more efficient preventive maintenance, considerably reducing the time dedicated to the process. With the new Tesis+ interface installed on the Angra 2 simulator, ETN can address the incorporation of new instruments and the extension of the main panels of the simulator.