ASN specifies decommissioning of the GCR

03 April 2020

ASN specifies the next steps in the decommissioning of the “first generation” gas cooled reactors (GCR). 

The EDF GCR type reactors were shutdown between 1973 and 1994. The fuel, which accounted for virtually the entire risk, has been removed. The installations have only been partially decommissioned.

Recently, the Chinon A1 and A2 reactors do not have the required authorizations to continue with decommissioning.

The other GCR reactors (Bugey 1, Chinon A3, Saint-Laurent A1 and A2) have received a decommissioning authorization based on a scenario set out by EDF in the early 2000s. EDF aimed to complete decommissioning of these reactors in 2024, 2027 and 2031 respectively.

ASN duly notes the difficulties encountered in continued decommissioning under water and, in the light of the risks, considers that the change in the scenario to air decommissioning is acceptable. ASN also considers that the production of an industrial demonstrator is a pertinent step.

After examination of the evidence presented by the licensee, and then consultation of both the licensee and the public, ASN adopted two resolutions regulating the next steps in the decommissioning of these reactors.