BWXT secures TRISO nuclear fuel contract from ORNL

25 March 2020

BWX Technologies, Inc. announced that its BWXT Nuclear Operations Group, Inc. subsidiary has been awarded a contract from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to manufacture TRISO nuclear fuel to support the continued development of the Transformational Challenge Reactor (TCR). 

BWXT had previously announced that it is restarting its TRISO production line at its Lynchburg, Virginia manufacturing site. Restart activities will be finalized to allow for production to be completed by the fall of 2020.

TCR will demonstrate a revolutionary approach to deploying new nuclear power systems. BWXT is also providing manufacturing support to the program in addition to TRISO fuel.

The scope of the contract includes the fabrication and delivery of uranium kernels, TRISO coated surrogate materials, and TRISO coated uranium kernels. ORNL will use these materials as it continues the development and prototyping of the reactor’s design and advanced manufacturing process. BWXT is increasing its TRISO production capacity and would be able to provide the necessary quantities of fuel to power multiple reactor designs manufactured using TCR principles in the future.

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