Simson signs a joint declaration on Broader Approach

23 March 2020

The Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, representing the European Atomic Energy Community , and Kazuo Kodama, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the European Union, signed recently a joint declaration on the Broader Approach activities in the field of fusion energy. 

The Broader Approach represents a highly successful collaboration between two major players in the global landscape of fusion research. Europe and Japan have taken stock of the progress made so far and reaffirmed their commitment to continuing their joint activities. From 2020, the Broader Approach will focus on operating and exploiting the facilities that have already been set up, for the benefit of both parties. Teams working on the Broader Approach will work ever more closely with ITER to ensure that it moves forward smoothly.

The Broader Approach activities consist of three projects, all located in Japan. One of these is the Satellite Tokamak Project, or JT-60SA, the most advanced tokamak in the world. The focus of JT-60SA’s research is likely to shift towards preparation for the following generation of fusion reactors focusing on the demonstration and optimization of steady-state operation of advanced plasma configurations.