Ansaldo invests in waterjet cutting table installation

19 March 2020

Ansaldo Nuclear has invested a three-figure sum into the installation of an advanced 5-axis waterjet cutting table at its Wolverhampton works. The MAXIEM 3060 JetMachining Center from OMAX is capable of slicing into metal or other materials using a high-velocity water jet and pressure with precision, enabling engineers to shape and produce piece-part components for large-scale fabrications. 

This new equipment is set to further enhance Ansaldo Nuclear’s manufacturing capabilities whilst reducing costs through process optimization.

The revolutionary new waterjet cutting table sees Ansaldo Nuclear able to offer this level of five-axis precision cutting, and allows the business to eliminate the sub-contracted profiling of material, increasing cost-effectiveness and putting it in control of its own programmes. It also reduces the burden on some of its larger machines that would in the past have been utilized for plate preparation.

Other benefits include a rapid water filling feature to enable underwater cutting, which will dramatically reduce noise levels. The system also includes a garnet removal system to reduce tank maintenance and a terrain follower to cater for slightly bent plates.