Kursk NPP-2 becomes the tallest cooling tower in Russia

07 February 2020

The Kursk NPP-2 evaporative cooling tower will become the tallest one in Russia, with its height being 179 meters. The construction team has started concreting the tower’s ring footing.

The Kursk NPP-2 construction project calls for the installation of evaporative cooling towers. The stacks work as a part of the power block’s cooling system. Water circulates in a closed circuit, thus removing unnecessary heat from the units. Cooling towers are used to lower the water temperature. The water cooling process is facilitated by thermal exchange with water. Cooling water is distributed all over the spraying system using spraying devices (nozzles). Natural draught cooling towers are environmentally friendly thanks to the energy savings they provide. Stacks have the same function as water ponds – they disseminate unnecessary heat produced during water cooling into the atmosphere. In the meantime, water returns into the cooling system cycle.

The cooling tower’s ring footing radius is 71.736 meters, the total amount of concrete used to form the cover is 14,078 cubic meters.

In 2020, the construction team plans to erect the structure of the evaporative cooling tower as high as 10.7 meters.