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Laser enrichment

Uranium enrichment using tuned laser beams to cause photo-dissociation of UF6 to solid UF5+ so that the ionised UF5 (with U-235) can be separated.

Light water

Ordinary water (H20) as distinct from heavy water.

Light water reactor (LWR)

A common nuclear reactor cooled and usually moderated by ordinary water.  It is a generic designation including BWR and PWR types.

Low-enriched uranium (LEU)

Uranium enriched to less than 20% U-235. (That in power reactors is usually 3.5 - 5.0% U-235.)

Low-level waste (LLW)

Radioactive waste which can be handled safely without shielding.

Low-level wastes

Mildly radioactive material usually disposed of by incineration and burial. 

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