10th ISA Fugitive Emissions LDAR Symposium

Barrie Kirkman reports on the 2010 ISA Fugitive Emissions LDAR Symposium. Read more...

Answers to fugitive emission problems

Currently, standards mainly focus on sealing criteria, but Thierry Ledauphin says that other functional aspects of the sealing system should not be overlooked, Read more...

Assessing fugitive emissions performance in valves and packing

This paper describes a test procedure for valve emissions and presents results of tests on typical refinery valves. Read more...

Elastomers for rapid gas decompression

In this video interview, James Walker's Global Business Support Manager John Bowers discusses the development of an elastomer that can accommodate rapid gas decompression. This product has received hi Read more...

Emission control achievable with proper maintenance and selection

Thanks to increasing and diverse legislation, preventing emissions through appropriate selection and maintenance is a priority. Michael Adkins (Swagelok) shares his views. Read more...

Emission measurements of industrial valves acc to TA Luft and EN ISO 15848-1

In this article Professor Dr.-Ing Alexander Riedl looks into the implications of measuring emissions according to TA Luft and EN ISO 15848-1 and points out some important conclusions. Read more...

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