DNV GL introduces a new RP to address major safety

6 April 2020

A new methodology designed to address the major safety threat and multi-billion-dollar cost posed by corrosion under insulation (CUI) has been published by DNV GL. CUI, a type of corrosion that arises when water becomes trapped between the insulation and the piping and vessels it is designed to protect, has contributed to more than 20% of all major oil and gas accidents in the EU alone over the past 35 years. Read more...

Sandvik secures stainless steel umbilical order in Mero

3 April 2020

Sandvik has won the first large scale stainless steel umbilical tube order in Brazil’s pre-salt Mero oilfield. The milestone contract is significant for the offshore Brazilian oil and gas industry, which typically uses thermoplastic hose umbilicals. Read more...

Amarinth supplies API 610 VS4 pumps for Al Mandous

30 March 2020

Amarinth, a company specializing in the design, application, and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, LNG, chemical, industrial, power, and desalination markets, has supplied four API 610 VS4 pumps to ADNOC for the Al Mandous underground oil storage project. Read more...

Duplex Multicyclone Scrubber

13 March 2020

Langfields have designed & fabricated a Duplex Multicyclone Scrubber for a valued client, pictured leaving our Salford Facility for final surface treatment. The Duplex Multicyclone Scrubber was manufactured Read more...

Lean Duplex UR 2202 for a nice work of art

9 March 2020

Lean duplex UR™2202 has been selected for the construction of the new work of art called “Oeuvre utile” for the Simone Veil esplanade in Le Creusot, France. It was designed by A4 designers and will be constructed by Pyrrhus conception from prefabricated plates from Industeel. Read more...

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