A fascinating construction project with LDX 2101 duplex in the historical city of Tampere, Finland

When reconstructing a dam’s flood gates in a historical setting and building a pedestrian bridge in heritage surroundings, a lot more factors may have to be paid attention to than you would initially Read more...

Application of duplex stainless steel in the CPI

Giel Notten concludes that corrosion resistance, higher strength and lower costs makes duplex and attractive alternative to austenitic stainless steel HP piping in urea plants. Read more...

CalEnergy goes for duplex

Stainless Steel World spoke with senior project engineer George Furmanski and senior procurement specialist Robert Eberle about their activities and the use of corrosion-resistant alloys in their oper Read more...

Centrifugally cast duplex stainless steels

From Spuncast, Inc, USA, Messrs Martin, Mooren and Holz reveal the benefits of casting as a metal forming technique for duplex. The ability to produce near-net shapes can be very cost-effective. Read more...

Characterization of lean duplex

The structural and mechanical properties of two low nickel duplex grades are analyzed to assess structural stability. Read more...

Classification of duplex steel grades

Classification and composition of the various grades of duplex stainless steels. Read more...

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