Skid-mounted purification unit ready for delivery

29 October 2019

In solids control and drilling waste management system, the operators focus more on the solids parts treatment, e.g. Solids discharged from shale shaker, mud cleaner, and centrifuge. The solids can be further treated by vertical cutting dryer or High G shale shaker, and finally the dry solids will be transported to Thermal Desorption Unit for final treatment and reach the standard of environmental protection. As the drilling fluids contain many different chemicals, definitely it will affect the surroundings and environment if disposed without treatment.

To solve the problem, drilling fluids Purification Unit is developed which can further separate the fine solids from drilling fluids and make the water very clean to reach the standard of discharge, without contaminating the soil. Centrifuge and flocculent units system can help to solve this problem at a relatively lower cost.

The basic compositions of the Skid Mounted clarification unit are 3-Chamber Flocculent unit and VFD High-speed centrifuge.

Except for drilling fluids purification, the unit can also be used for the slurry purification in pipe jacking project, HDD project, Piling project and TBM projects, River dredging project and sand washing projects.

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