Qualification of axial flow valves

08 April 2020

SAMSON RINGO is proud to announce that it has received approval after the successful completion of the qualification process based on Shell MESC SPE 77/300, SPE 77/300A and ISO 5208-2015. These valves have been supplied for critical HIPPS application in one of the Shell operating units in the Middle East. 

The scope of the supplied Axial Flow Valves is 30” 900# in LCB body and SS316L + Stellite trim; 18” 900# in LCB body and SS316L + Stellite trim; and 10” 900# in A995 Gr 4A body and F51 + Stellite trim.

So valves have successfully undergone type approval and FAT tests according to the strict SHELL standards.

The success of the type approval is an important milestone to Samson Ringo to prove the good performance and great advantages of our unique design quarter turn to linear Axial Flow Valves.

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