Weld Australia as an exclusive Distributor of Xiris

08 November 2019

Xiris Automation announced that Weld Australia has been appointed as its exclusive Distributor of Xiris Weld Camera products for Australia.

Weld Australia represents the welding profession in Australia with the primary goal of securing the future of Australia’s welding industry by providing members with a competitive advantage. Among their various activities, they recommend and provide some equipment to their members to help them develop their welding capabilities. They have an extensive network of instructors, representatives, and agents across the country. Providing turnkey sales and after-sales service and training, Weld Australia will be able to distribute and support the Xiris XVC weld cameras used to monitor live welding processes to detect process and quality issues in welding.

In entering into this relationship with Weld Australia, David Garrard, Sales Director of APAC for Xiris Automation Inc. specializes in developing optical equipment used for process and quality control across a number of specialty industries. With an extensive product line, Xiris provides some of the world’s most dynamic manufacturers with the ability to detect, recognize, and interpret quality defects in their manufactured goods.

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