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USD 3B in contracts awarded to Emirati companies

28 June 2016

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has recently declared contracts with UAE- based companies totalling more than USD 3B (AED 11 billion) for the construction of the country’s first nuclear energy plant.... Read more...

Vattenfall to invest in Forsmark

27 June 2016

Vattenfall's Board of Directors has recently decided to invest in independent core cooling in Forsmark's three nuclear reactors. The next step is a decision by Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB's Board of Directors which initiates the implementation.... Read more...

DOE invests USD 82M to nuclear energy research

25 June 2016

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has recently declared over USD 82M in nuclear energy research, facility access, crosscutting technology development, and infrastructure awards in 28 states. In total, 93 projects were selected to receive funding that will help push innovative nuclear technologies toward commercialization and into the market.... Read more...

EDF adopts new strategy for its first generation

24 June 2016

EDF has recently informed the French nuclear regulator that it has adopted a new strategy for decommissioning its first generation, gas-cooled reactors (CGRs). Dismantling of the six reactors will take longer than previously planned as the company wants to complete the decommissioning of one unit before working on the others.... Read more...

‘Gen IV’ nuclear power launched with key hire

24 June 2016

Southern Research, which has engaged in energy-related work for decades, has recently declared that it is expanding its focus in the field to incorporate the development of a new kind of nuclear power that is more affordable and even safer than the nuclear reactors in use today.

Southern Research has recently hired Lance Kim, Ph.D., as senior nuclear engineer, to direct its next-generation nuclear initiative.... Read more...

INL’s Advanced Test Reactor wins award

24 June 2016

Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Test Reactor has recently been awarded the 2016 Meritorious Performance in Nuclear Operations Award by the Operations and Power Division of the American Nuclear Society.... Read more...

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