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Russian 3+ generation block enters final stage

27 September 2016

The most potent Russian 3+ generation atomic power block at the Novovoronezh NPP entered its final phase recently preceding its commissioning – pilot production. Dmitry Rogozin, the Chairman of the Russian Government, Alexey Gordeev, the governor of the Voronezh Region, along with the Rosatom State Corporation and the Rosenergoatom Concern management took part in the ceremony dedicated to the 6th power block pilot production.

Vladimir Povarov, the Novovoronezh NPP director, has announced that the 6th power block is fully ready for pilot operations when meeting Mr.... Read more...

Future nuclear supply chain worth billions

26 September 2016

According to a newly released supply chain report from the World Nuclear Association, Nuclear power plant construction, long-term plant operation and decommissioning all offer potential multi-billion dollar markets over the next two decades.... Read more...

Weir Flow Control secures contract for MSIVs

26 September 2016

Weir Flow Control France has recently secured a contract to replace pneumatic controls for Main Steam Isolation Valves (MISVs) across 28 EDF reactors. The scope of the contract covers design, prototyping, testing and supply of 84 new items, as well as on-site installation, supervision and commissioning of the new equipment.
The programme will last seven years and will ensure the future safety and integrity of flow control equipment throughout the enhanced operational lifetime of EDF’s reactors.... Read more...

Nuclear Innovators to change future of energy

23 September 2016

The Best of British Nuclear at Waldeck Consulting have recently teamed up to help Moltex Energy to develop their innovative technological solution to safer, cheaper and cleaner nuclear power, which has the potential to transform the global nuclear industry.
UK-based Moltex Energy have combined a major scientific breakthrough with the latest technology to enable the construction of Stable Salt Reactors (SSR), which will power the globe with safer, cheaper and cleaner energy.... Read more...

EDF delighted by British Government’s decision

23 September 2016

EDF Group has recently given a statement in response to the Government's decision on Hinkley Point C: EDF is delighted by the British Government’s decision to confirm its agreement for the construction by EDF of two EPR reactors at Hinkley Point.
The approval of this construction project for two nuclear reactors on the Hinkley Point site in Somerset in the South-West of England marks the conclusion of ten years of preparation and rigorous planning.... Read more...

Foundation stone ceremony at Bushehr Phase II

22 September 2016

The foundation stone ceremony was held recently on the construction site of Bushehr nuclear power plant Phase II. The plant is being built in the framework of the Russian-Iranian cooperation. The contract provides for construction of two power units of Bushehr NPP (Units 2 and 3).
The Russian delegation was headed by CEO of ROSATOM Sergey Kirienko.... Read more...

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