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EPRI, CRIEPI renew pact to study nuclear materials

26 November 2014

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is extending its collaborative research agreement with Japan's Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) for an additional five years, through August 2019.... Read more...

AREVA to supply fuel assemblies to TVO

25 November 2014

Finnish utility Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) selected AREVA to supply fuel assemblies to the nuclear reactors in operation at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. From 2016 to 2019, AREVA will deliver four reloads of its ATRIUM™ fuel design.

TVO plans to begin with the use of the ATRIUM™ 10XM fuel assembly design at these boiling water reactors, and then to upgrade to AREVA’s most advanced boiling water reactor fuel design, ATRIUM™ 11 by as early as 2018.... Read more...

New site vice president at Clinton Power Station

24 November 2014

Exelon Generation announced the appointment of Mark Newcomer, a 28-year veteran of the nuclear energy industry, as the Clinton Power Station’s site vice president.

“I look forward to continuing the positive relationships with our neighbours and local officials in the Clinton area”, Newcomer said.... Read more...

Construction progress at Tianwan 3

22 November 2014

Construction of the reactor building at the third unit of the Tianwan nuclear power plant under construction in China's Jiangsu province is nearing completion. Heavy equipment for the unit is already being shipped to the site from Russia.... Read more...

Ohma 1 expected to be completed in 2020

21 November 2014

J-Power announced that it has concluded formulation of the measures for reinforcing safety at the Ohma 1 plant, taking into account new safety standards set by Japan’s nuclear regulator in July 2013. These measures include tsunami countermeasures, ensuring power supplies, ensuring heat removal functions and severe accident responses.

The company said that the maximum assumed ground acceleration at the site as a result of an earthquake has been revised from 450 gal to 650 gal, while the maximum assumed tsunami height has been raised from 4.4m to 6.3m.

"For design basis to prevent severe accidents, J-Power will further strengthen earthquake and tsunami resistance measures, and for the newly established measures against severe accidents, J-Power will incorporate measures to prevent core damage and containment vessel failure, and install a specified severe accident response facility as a countermeasure to terrorist attacks such as an airplane crash”, the company said.

All the reinforced safety measures are being implemented during the construction of Ohma 1, J-Power said.... Read more...

NIAEP JSC-ASE JSC seminar on NPP construction

21 November 2014

On 7 November, NIAEP JSC-ASE JSC united company held a seminar at Rio de Janeiro for Brazilian companies designing and constructing complex engineering facilities, including nuclear power plants.

The event took place with support and assistance of the Association of Brazilian nuclear industry projects development (ABDAN) for the purpose to demonstrate the competence of the largest engineering company NIAEP JSC-ASE JSC of Rosatom State Corporation in the field of design, construction, decommissioning of complex engineering facilities.

The seminar was opened by Nikolay Drozdov, the director of International Business Department of ROSATOM, who spoke about key lines of Rosatom State Corporation business development on the international markets.... Read more...

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