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TVEL Fuel Delivers Nuclear Fuel to Bushehr Power Plant

30 August 2015

TVEL Fuel Company, a subsidiary of ROSATOM, is ready to deliver fresh nuclear fuel to the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (Iran). The batch of fuel for Bushehr NPP’s first unit in Iran was manufactured at the Novosibirsk’s Chemical Concentrates Plant..

The fuel will be delivered by the end of August 2015 to ensure the planned reactor’s reload with fresh nuclear fuel.... Read more...

Construction Completed at Watts Bar Unit 2

29 August 2015

Bechtel congratulated the workforce at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar Unit 2 in Tennessee – the first new US nuclear reactor to go online this century – on the plant’s declaration of substantial construction completion and its request for issuance of an operating license from the U.S.... Read more...

Areva Delivers Venting Systems In Japan

29 August 2015

AREVA has delivered Filtered Containment Venting Systems (FCVS) to the Hamaoka 4 reactor operated by Chubu Electric Power Company.

FCVS technology is designed to maintain the integrity of the reactor containment building and protect the environment by confinement of radioactive materials in the event of a serious accident generating a rise in internal pressure.

Within the FCVS range, Chubu EPCO chose, for Hamaoka Unit 4, the FCVS PLUS technology offering three stages of filters.... Read more...

Unit 3 Shield Building Panels Placed at Vogtle Expansio

29 August 2015

Georgia Power added the latest milestone in the Vogtle nuclear expansion – the placement of the first six shield building panels for Unit 3.

The shield building encapsulating the Unit 3 containment vessel comprises of more than 160 individual steel panels.... Read more...

NEI and PGS Launch Global Nexus Initiative

26 August 2015

The Nuclear Energy Institute and the Partnership for Global Security launched the Global Nexus Initiative (GNI), a new joint project to explore the linkages among climate change, nuclear power and global security issues.... Read more...

Comanche Peak NPP celebrates 25 years

25 August 2015

Twenty-five years ago, the first of two units at Luminant’s Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant began supplying power to the state’s electric grid. Now, more than 422TWh later, the plant continues its long-standing record of safety, reliability and operational excellence.... Read more...

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