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NEK awards Tecnatom new contract at Krsko NPP

9 December 2016

Nuklearna Elektrarna Krsko (NEK) has recently awarded Tecnatom a contract for the performance of control room habitability testing at Krsko nuclear power plant, in Slovenia. This contract strengthens its relationship with the Slovenian plant, where the company has carried out a number of projects in recent months.

The objective of this new contract is to ensure that in the event of an emergency situation arising, the control room would be isolated from any outside filtrations, allowing the operators to continue their work inside.... Read more...

Reactor vessel placed in Georgia Power's Unit 3

9 December 2016

Georgia Power has recently announced the placement of the first nuclear reactor vessel in the state of Georgia in more than 30 years at the Plant Vogtle expansion project near Augusta. The 306-ton reactor vessel was lifted into its permanent location inside the Unit 3 nuclear island using one of the largest cranes in the world – a heavy-lift derrick with a 560-foot front boom.... Read more...

Amec Foster Wheeler to lead a consortium

8 December 2016

Amec Foster Wheeler has recently been awarded a contract by the ITER organisation to lead a consortium to examine the best way to decommission the world’s largest nuclear fusion experiment. The work, which... Read more...

Researchers use ion acceleration in metallic alloy

7 December 2016

Metals travel forward in time at the Ion Accelerator Laboratory, a facility within Texas A&M University’s Department of Nuclear Engineering and researchers within the department’s Ion Beam Laboratory group are speeding up the clock on metallic alloys and steels.

The researchers are currently using ions as surrogates for neutron radiation to see in a short amount of time how stable these metals are after they endure conditions from decades of use inside a nuclear reactor.... Read more...

New York PSC okay to sell James A. FitzPatrick NPP

7 December 2016

The New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) has recently announced approval of the sale of the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in Scriba to Exelon Corporation. The transfer will facilitate the continued operation of the carbon-neutral plant as a bridge to a renewable energy future without the need for imported fossil fuels such as fracked gas and oil from out of state or for the restarting of coal plants to supply energy demand from across the state.... Read more...

AREVA NP signs multimillion-dollar contract

6 December 2016

AREVA NP has recently signed a multimillion-dollar contract to supply and replace 12 low-pressure feedwater heaters at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Tonopah, Ariz. These components help to increase the performance of a nuclear energy facility by pre-heating water used in the steam generator.... Read more...

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