Loviisa builds a dedicated VR room for the operators

10 September 2019

With the help of virtual reality, design validations as well as operator training at nuclear power plants can now be done more effectively. The Loviisa power plant in Finland is building a dedicated VR training room for the control room operators. And the Varjo VR-1 is the only virtual reality device that is up to the challenge.

The goal is to maximize safety and efficiency, and human-machine interfaces play an important role in it.

A crucial aspect in the safety-critical environments is the design process. For nuclear control rooms, validations are a compulsory part of the design process. All operator procedures, new display systems, and hardwired panel designs need to be validated in physical simulators before they’re taken into use. This is to ensure that the control room works as intended.

And with the Varjo VR-1, nuclear operators will now have a superior tool for validations and training.

Another important feature of VR-1 is eye-tracking, which can help to analyze operator performance and get information about how well the user interfaces work.

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