NRC approves license transfer of the Pilgrim to Holtec

06 September 2019

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved the transfer of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station license from Entergy Nuclear Operations Inc., to Holtec International, as an owner, and Holtec Decommissioning International, as decommissioning operator.

The three companies requested the license transfer in November 2018. Once the purchase is finalized, Holtec and HDI have announced plans to expedite decommissioning and dismantling of the plant. The license transfer includes the dry cask spent fuel storage installation at Pilgrim. The NRC order approving the license transfer is effective immediately, but the license transfer will not be finalized until the successful completion of the transaction between Entergy, Holtec, and HDI. At that point, the NRC will issue a license amendment reflecting completion of the transfer.

Pilgrim is a boiling water reactor located in Plymouth, Mass., approximately 38 miles southeast of Boston.

The NRC order approving the transfer was issued Aug. 22. The order and other documents related to the review are available through the NRC ADAMS online documents database.

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