Akademik set sail for its final destination of Pevek

05 September 2019

Akademik Lomonosov, the Floating Power Unit (FPU), set sail for its final destination of Pevek, Chukotka, in Russia's Far East, where it will provide a stable supply of clean energy.

Upon completing the 4,700 km journey to Pevek, the floating nuclear power unit will become a central part of the region's power supply. It will operate as part of a floating nuclear power plant (FNPP), replacing the outgoing capacities of the Bilibino NPP and the Chaunskaya CHPP.

The FNPP project is one of the most promising branches of small nuclear power reactors on the market recently. It is especially suited for very remote areas and island states that require stable, green sources of energy.

The FNPP was designed to make it possible to supply electricity to hard-to-reach areas of the Russian Federation, regardless of transport infrastructure, landscape, and cost of fuel delivery.

The reactors have the potential to work particularly well in regions with extended coastlines, power supply shortages, and limited access to electrical grids. The plant can be delivered to any point along a coast and connected to existing electrical grids.

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