TVEL signs a contractual document with Czech

13 August 2019

TVEL JSC and Czech national power company ČEZ a.s. have signed a contractual document for the introduction of the new VVER-440 fuel modification RK 3+ at Dukovany NPP.

Within accomplishment of this engineering project, the new fuel will undergo a number of pre-irradiation tests, and their results would make a validation for the following licensing of the fuel by the State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic. The project will also consider the operations experience of the prototype of such fuel at power unit 4 of Kola NPP in the Murmansk region, where it has been successfully used since 2010.

RK 3+ bundle is distinguished from the previous generations of VVER-440 fuel by its advanced design which enables to enhance physical and thermo-hydraulic properties of nuclear fuel. Along with other features, the new modification has longer fuel rod pitch which would streamline water-uranium ratio in the reactor core and increase the efficiency of fuel use in general. As a result, the engineers will have an option of elongation of the fuel cycle at the power plant.

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