Tohoku submits a decommissioning plan for Onagawa 1

12 August 2019

Tohoku Electric Power Company has applied to Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) for approval of its decommissioning plan for unit 1 of the Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture. The company announced in October 2018 its decision to scrap the unit as it said required safety upgrades would be too expensive and time-consuming.

Its decommissioning plan for the unit, which it submitted to the NRA on 29 July, outlines the facilities and equipment to be dismantled and a timetable for completing the work. Decommissioning will take about 34 years and will be carried out in four stages. The first stage will involve preparing the reactor for dismantling, while the second will be to dismantle peripheral equipment from the reactor and other major equipment. The third stage will involve the demolition of the reactor itself, while the fourth stage will see the demolition of all remaining buildings and the release of land for other uses.

Tohoku expects the decommissioning of the unit to cost a total of JPY41.9 B (USD392 M), with dismantling activities costing JPY30.0 B and waste disposal accounting for the remainder.

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