China and Russia deepen their nuclear power cooperation

13 June 2019

China and Russia are expanding their cooperation in many fields, including nuclear power. The two countries have signed big deals in recent years to build more power units based on strict safety standards.

Tianwan, the first such plant in east China's Jiangsu Province is an example. It is part of the biggest such cooperation project between China and Russia, which began construction in 1999 and behind it are the efforts of many.

Tianwan's phase-1&2-unit project started working in 2007. They are generating electricity for the neighboring areas and are viewed as "the model of China-Russian nuclear power cooperation."

Its phase-2 project with the other two units was put into use last year. With both countries showing their openness, they have signed big nuclear power deals, including another two units to be built here.

Now, besides Tianwan, another two units provided by Russia will be installed in northeast China's Liaoning Province. Both countries will work together on China's future generation of nuclear power projects and further cooperation is on the way.

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