WANO to set up Branch Office & Support Centre in China

12 March 2019

The membership of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), the world’s leading safety organization for commercial nuclear power plants, has voted to establish a new Branch Office and Support Centre in Shanghai, China.

The strategic rationale for the move is to cater the dramatic growth in the development of nuclear power plants in both China and across Asia. With a growing demand from new units for its services, WANO will be well positioned to ensure that these units make a safe and reliable transition from construction to operation.

WANO has defined a high-level, three-phase deployment model for the office in Shanghai. The first phase involves the setting up of a Branch Office. It will later transition to a Support Centre, still managed by the London Office, but with the depth of skill and capacity to start supporting other regional centers. Then at the third and final phase, WANO will convene another EGM for members to vote on establishing the office as a fully-fledged WANO regional center.

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